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Let us be your one stop shop for all your field hockey needs! Our goalie equipment, shin guards, and grips are made with you in mind. More and better products are always on the way!

Plus, every stick you purchase comes with a free cover!

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Luciana Aymar, former player for Argentina



My name is Alexa Henry, and I am a field hockey player with a strong passion for the sport. I recently returned from Macha, Zambia, a village that is small, but full of joy, hospitality, and extreme kindness. Thanks to the incredibly generous donations of field hockey sticks, balls, and shin guards from MalikUSA, I was given the opportunity to bring the sport of field hockey over to these people. My teammate and I, under Messiah University’s AROMA sports ministry, taught around 200 children ages 4-18 (and some adults!) what field hockey was, and how to play. These individuals had never even heard of the sport, and at the end of the two-week period, they were holding the stick properly, passing, dribbling, eliminating defenders, scoring, air dribbling, and even scrimmaging.


Sharing my love for this sport, and connecting across cultural barriers through this, was undoubtedly one of my favorite experiences in my entire life. Every child loved it, with constant laughs and smiles, and a daily rush to the field hockey station. These sticks are now left with coaches that were with us the entire trip, translating and learning the sport themselves, so this sport will continue to grow there. I cannot thank you enough for the impact that you made in a village in Africa, where many children only have one outfit, and no shoes, but are full of joy.

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